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Tankersley Realty – Austin Buyer Services

Almost anyone can look on the internet and search for the right home.  The home buying process includes many steps beyond locating potential homes online. Your Tankersley Realty – Austin professional takes a personal approach to helping you understand the market and analyze the market information for your target neighborhood.  In addition, viewing the home with you and providing insight to the comparative features and condition on the home relating to other homes in the area, offers tremendous value when considering a home for purchase.  Once a home has been identified, an offer can be completed with the confidence of the market data.  Our professional expertise can provide you significant benefit during the process of negotiating and managing the transaction. The experience and insight of a professional will often make the difference.

Starting the Process

Step one is to seek professional representation.  There are many advantages to being professionally represented as a buyer.   In a transaction as important as your home, having a professional working in your best interest will provide you with the best opportunity for success.  In addition, with our market moving as quickly as is does, being prepared to make an offer when we locate a desirable home can be the difference in getting the home or missing out. Starting the mortgage application process early can help prepare you.  Mortgage calculators can provide payment information in different situations quickly and easily. Getting pre-qualified prior to beginning a search can be a great idea. You will have the knowledge of the price range of home and the payment range that you will expect upon purchase.  Learn more about the Mortgage Process.

Visiting Potential Homes

Establishing criteria for your new home can be difficult, but is essential to a successful search.  Once the criteria have been established, a search of available homes will yield any matches.  We suggest using a home buying checklist when visiting homes.  This will provide a written comparison of features; which may help later with the decision process.  Your Tankersley Realty – Austin professional evaluates hundreds of homes per year and can provide you with the expertise that can only be achieved from this dedication to clients.

Making the Offer

Once a desirable home is identified, your Tankersley Realty – Austin professional will provide you with information concerning active, pending and recent sold homes in your neighborhood.  After careful analysis of this information, an offer price range may be determined.  Based on the most current data and input from your professional, you will be able to decide on the most appropriate offer price.  Then working with your Tankersley Realty – Austin professional, the terms of your offer will be discussed and a formal offer will be created.  Understanding the current market conditions can play an important part in formulating an offer.  Learn more about writing an offer.

Managing the Transaction

Once an offer has been accepted, many steps have been started, all with specific time requirements.  Typically, an option period is purchased to allow the buyer to perform their own property inspection.   Once an inspection has been performed, and prior to the option period expiration, a decision must be made to move forward or to withdraw from the transaction.  If the decision to move forward is made, securing a mortgage, timely providing the Title Company with necessary information, and many other steps must be accomplished to reach the desired outcome of a successful purchase of your home.  Some real estate transactions complete without a single hiccup.  Many, if not most, complete successfully in spite of some problems that occur along the way.  But occasionally, real estate transactions go bad.  Much of the time, when a transaction has a problem it is the result of a lack of knowledge, or lack of professional attention to the details of the transaction.  It might not ever happen to you, and we sincerely hope it never does.  But doesn’t it make sense to have true professional expertise working for you on this very substantial transaction to avoid all possible problems, and handle any unavoidable issues with knowledge and expertise?